Install Printer Driver HP Deskjet 3740/3744 in Windows 7

How do I install printer driver HP Deskjet 3740/3744 on Windows 7, such as diketahi printer HP Deskjet 3740/3744 is an older printer from the printer manufacturers brand "HP", the printer supports only Windows XP and need a special way if you want to install on windows 7, just follow these steps:

1. Activate the first Device Installation Settings, by typing "change device installation settings" on the Start menu as shown in the figure below.
2. Then select "Yes, do this automatically (recomended)", as shown in the following figure.
3. Do not forget you Save.
4. The next step to the start menu and type "device manager" then Enter.
5. Once the Device Manager window appears, look for the words "Other devices" and click on it will display the type of printer HP Deskjet 3740, here to do right click and click "Update Driver Software".
6. Then you will see the following dialog box and select "search automatically".
7. The computer will automatically search for drivers on the internet on-line.
8. If the driver is found, the driver will automatically download ..
9. Once the download is complete, the driver will automatically be installed ..
 10. If a dialog like this means the printer is ready to use ..
11. Above steps will work if your computer / laptop connected to the internet.
Good luck ...
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